Mariner Foundation


Guiding Principles

These principles are intended to guide the work of the Foundation as well as its current and future Board Members. The principles fall under the Foundation’s five key values:

  1. Integrity – We believe in honesty, credibility and excellence.
  2. Opportunity – We believe in giving individuals and organizations the opportunity to improve, grow and advance.
  3. Responsibility – We believe in individuals and organizations taking responsibility for themselves and their impact on society and culture.
  4. Service – We believe in making a commitment to our communities that extends beyond our personal interests and Mariner’s business interests.
  5. Empowerment – We believe in empowering others to strive to better themselves as individuals, organizations, and communities.

As a Foundation, we have a vision to change our communities by empowering individuals to create opportunities to help themselves and those around them.


Our mission to fulfill that vision is to improve lives by educating, creating, bridging, and equipping individuals and organizations with tools and opportunities. Our primary focus is disadvantaged children and families.

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Katrina Scott, President
Responsible for running meetings and leading the board in decisions as well as communicating to designated person on the Mariner Executive team. Also involved in leading the annual Charitable Giving Campaign.
Adele McAvoy, Vice President
Responsible for collecting and organizing grant requests from associates and presenting them to the Board for review.
Robert Domsch, Treasurer
Responsible for monitoring funds, reporting to the board as well as processing grant requests.
Tami Chavez, Secretary
Responsible for communicating grant approvals/rejections and other outcomes from Board meetings as well as raising awareness through periodic communications to associates.
Kelsey Ayers, Research Chair
Responsible for completing due diligence in regards to all requested grants and the organizations involved. May also assist treasurer in research and analysis of the Foundation’s financials.
George Steiner, Volunteer Chair
Jointly responsible for leading volunteer efforts across all offices. They communicate with location representatives and help coordinate volunteer activity opportunities.
Briana Struemph, Volunteer Chair
Jointly responsible for leading volunteer efforts across all offices. They communicate with location representatives and help coordinate volunteer activity opportunities.



A: Click the link to the current survey which can be found above on the Foundation page.
A: The Board typically grants requests once per year for each organization. As an associate, you may submit requests on behalf of multiple organizations per year.
A: Contact the communications chair or checkout News – Mariner Foundation on workplace.
A: Our primary focus is helping disadvantaged children and families. Please see the Foundation bylaws for more detail.
A: If it is something you feel strongly about supporting and think it is something that is in line with the Foundation’s mission, you as an associate are welcome to fill out a request. If you want to support it just for the purpose of gaining or retaining the relationship, that is a business decision and the support should not be asked of the Mariner Foundation.
A: No. The Mariner Foundation grant request survey is only meant for Mariner associates and any form filled out by someone other than an associate will not be reviewed by the Board.
A: Contact the Volunteer Chair or reach out to your local representative.
A: Contact the president of the Foundation for more information.
A: No. Each grant request is reviewed anew in light of (1) evolving board membership, (2) current funding availability, and (3) ensuring each grant’s continued alignment with the Foundation’s stated goal of serving disadvantaged or underprivileged children and families. Regardless of prior approvals, each grant request should clearly demonstrate the alignment between the organization’s activity and the Foundation’s mission as well as show the personal connection between the requester and the cause and/or organization.
A: You can direct the donation to the Mariner Foundation Fund at The Signatry. The Fund number is 665772 and The Signatry’s tax ID 43-1890105. Please inform the Board's Treasurer when you make direct donations to ensure that matching funds are contributed by MWA.