Time Away

Time Away

Paid Time Off

We believe Associates should have opportunities to enjoy time away from work to help balance their lives. Our Paid Time-Off (PTO) policy was designed to meet your diverse needs and is allocated on January 1st of each year for greater flexibility in managing your time away from the workplace.

Years of Service

Annual Available PTO

Earned Accrual Rate per Completed Pay Period

Yearly Maximum Carryover

< 3 years

20 Days .83 Days 5 Days

3rd anniversary

22 Days .92 Days 5 Days

7th anniversary

25 Days 1.04 Days 5 Days






New Years’ Day

January 1 Independence Day July 4

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Third Monday, January Labor Day First Monday, September

Good Friday

As observed Thanksgiving & Day After Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday/Friday, November

Memorial Day

Last Monday, May Christmas Eve/Day December 24, 25


June 19    


Parental Leave

At Mariner Wealth Advisors, we strive for an environment that allows parents to effectively care for their loved ones at critical times. In the case of childbirth or adoption, a paid leave benefit is granted to mothers and fathers regardless of tenure.

Medical Recovery Leave is provided to birthing mothers for a period of up to six (6) weeks of full pay. Leave for Medical Recovery must be taken in the first six weeks following delivery.

Leave for Bonding is provided to mothers and fathers for a period of up to six (6) weeks of full pay. Bonding can be taken at any time in the first 12 months following birth or adoption.

Additional Time Off

Associates are additionally provided paid time off as a result of certain events, including bereavement, voting, jury and witness duty and uniformed services.

Please see the Mariner Wealth Advisors’ Associate Handbook for more information regarding our time off and leave of absence policies. Where state and local ordinances exist, please refer to your state-specific addenda.