Dress for Your day

Dressing for Work:

What is Dress for Your Day?

The Dress for Your Day policy is intended to be relaxed when you have a workday that does not include meetings with clients, business prospects or other external parties. We expect you to always wear clothing appropriate for the nature of our business and the type of work performed.

We give you the flexibility to dress in a way that adheres to your schedule for that day. Business presentations, client and prospect meetings, interviews with job candidates, or other business meetings are examples of activities that may require that you dress to impress in business professional or business casual attire.

So, What Should I wear Today?

Business casual attire such as dress slacks and a pressed button-down shirt are always acceptable. Office-appropriate jeans with business casual tops and shoes are now acceptable for everyday wear if your day allows it. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best clothing for your day.

Do Choose:

  • Clean, neat, wrinkle-free and well-fitting clothing
  • Dress slacks or cotton pants
  • Jeans that are free of holes and fraying
  • Skirts or dresses for women
  • Collared button-down shirts (tucked in)
  • Dress shirts, business casual tops or sweaters
  • Dress shoes or other business casual footwear
  • Polos or golf shirts (tucked in)











































Don’t Choose

  • Clothing that exposes excessive skin
  • “Too”-wear: too-short, too-tight, too-worn out, too-casual, too-revealing
  • Slogan/graphic t-shirts, team or school logo t-shirts, jerseys, sweaters
  • No jersey knit skirts or dresses (a t-shirt is still a t-shirt even in dress form)
  • Halter, low cut or midriff shirts or tank-tops or muscle shirts
  • Yoga/stretch pants
  • Flip-flops or beach sandals
  • Baseball caps or hats
  • Athletic/tennis shoes
  • Sweatshirts and Sweatpants
  • Shorts

Still Wondering What to Wear?

As you choose your attire, think “business-first, casual second.” If you have doubts about a particular item of clothing, play it safe! Choose something else. Consider that your attire speaks for you and makes an impression on the people around you. What do you want your choices to say?

The Fine print

We expect associates to be well groomed and make choices that are in good taste, that do not distract or interfere with the ability of others to work, and that are reflective of our working environment. Managers will address choices that are not consistent with these guidelines and may take corrective action, including sending you home to change when necessary.

Associates with individual needs associated with religious observance or disability should consult with their manager or HR to discuss possible accommodations.