Educational Assistance

Educational Assistance


We believe that supporting the growth and development of associates positively affects the success of Mariner Wealth Advisors. We are proud to offer a variety of support options to encourage advanced education, professional certifications and continuing professional education relevant to our business operations.

Associates seeking financial assistance under the Advanced Degree Coursework and Required Designations and Certifications programs are subject to repayment in the event of voluntary termination of less than 24 months following payment/reimbursement of educational expenses. Please see the Mariner Wealth Advisors Associate Handbook for full policy details.

Advanced Degree Coursework

We will provide financial assistance up to a maximum of $3,000 per calendar year in support of an accredited advanced-degree program that provides an operational or educational benefit to the Company. An advanced degree is typically a masters or post-graduate level degree.

All full-time Associates (excluding Temporary Associates), who have completed one year of continuous employment prior to the beginning of approved coursework or exams are eligible to participate. This financial assistance is offered through reimbursement of expenses paid by the Associate.

Required Designations and Certifications

Many designations and certifications are a prerequisite for positions in the Financial Services industry and at Mariner Wealth Advisors. We will provide financial assistance for Associates hired or eligible for promotion into such positions to prepare for any required exams.

Covered expenses may include study guides and reference materials, as well as instructor-led review or test preparation courses. Approval of these expenses is required by your Manager to ensure that selected materials or courses meet reasonable expense standards and are utilized within reason.


Exams and Continuing Education

Certifications or designations required for certain positions within MWA also require completion of a certification examination. To promote accountability and responsibility of all Associates for the successful completion of these requirements, we will provide payment or reimbursement for these testing fee(s) only once. 

Courses taken for Continuing Education and necessary for the maintenance of required licenses or certifications are 100% reimbursable by the Company, but require pre-approval from a Manager to ensure specific courses are necessary for the Associate and meet reasonable expense standards.