The Ameritas Dental Network is one of the nation’s largest. Network providers have agreed to charge 25-50% less than their regular rates which helps benefit dollars go further.

Members can visit any dentist, in- or out-of-network. And family members do not need to visit the same provider.

Our Plan Offers:

  1. Annual Per Participant maximum of $1,000 or $1,500 depending on your plan enrollment
  2. 100% coverage on routine exams, bitewing X-rays, and cleanings. Fluoride treatment for dependents under 18 is also included.
  3. Dental Rewards that allow you to carryover part of their unused maximum. In addition, if a claim is submitted through the dental network and additional reward can be earned.

Who is Eligible and When:

Active associates working a minimum of 30 hours per week, their spouse and dependent children are all eligible for coverage. Qualified Associates have up to 30 days to enroll in the plan after they become benefit eligible. Most benefit changes require a “qualifying life event” and must be identified within 30 days. Failure to do so will disqualify you from changing coverage until the next open enrollment.

Coverage in the dental plan is effective the first of the month following the date of hire. Coverage terminates on the last day of the month coincident or next following the date in which an associate no longer meets the criteria for eligibility.

Ameritas provides a national network. Refer to the dental provider search for a listing of in-network providers.

Complete information on medical benefits can be found in the Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC Health Care Plan Summary Plan Description and SPD Supplement on the Annual Notices Page.

Type of ServiceBase Dental PlanBuy Up Dental Plan
Deductible$50 per person

$150 per family
$50 per person

$150 per family
Annual Maximum*$1,000 per participant

up to 50% rollover of unused balance
$1,500 per participant

up to 50% rollover of unused balance
NetworkClassic PPO & PlusClassic PPO & Plus
Preventive Services
(up to Maximum)

2 routine exams per year

2 routine exams per year
Basic Services
(up to Maximum)
Major Services
(up to Maximum)
Orthodontia (<19yrs.)No Ortho Benefit50% ($1,000 lifetime maximum)

*Any covered member, who has incurred at least one paid claim during the benefit year, will be eligible to rollover up to 50% of the remaining (or unused) annual maximum dollars up to $1,000 or $1,500 per covered member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your address can be updated directly through Oracle (available through your OKTA SSO Dashboard). After logging in you will go to “Me” –> “Personal Information” -> “Contact Info”. From there you can update all contact information, including your address by clicking on the “Pencil” or “Add” icon in the Personal information Section. After you update your address in Oracle, it will update with all benefit providers. More information can be found in the following Training Material: Job Aid: View and Update Personal Information

Getting married is considered a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). You have up to 30 days after the Qualifying Life Event to make changes to your benefit elections, including canceling your coverage, or adding your new spouse to any benefits. If you want to make any additional changes, you can do so directly through Oracle. Coverage for your spouse will begin on the first of the month coinciding with or following your marriage effective date. In order to activate the work event in Oracle, we require a signed marriage license. More information can be found in the following Training Material: Job Aid: Triggering a Life Event

Our plan doesn’t cover orthodontia takeover or orthodontia in progress. If a dependent  has already started an orthodontia treatment before being enrolled on our plan, Ameritas would not provide coverage for the Orthodontia service.

A beneficiary does not need to be designated for dental insurance. Your dependent(s) will be assumed as a beneficiary for this benefit.

Our Dental plan does not allow enrollment for girlfriends, boyfriends, siblings, domestic partners or grandchildren (unless adopted by you)

Coverage will end the last calendar day of the month.

Dependents are eligible to remain on our Dental plan until the end of the month in which they turn 26. This includes children who are married or have employment elsewhere. Continuation of coverage under the Mariner plan can be obtained by the 26 year old dependent through COBRA.