Leave Resources

Parental Leave

At Mariner, we strive for an environment that allows parents to effectively care for their loved ones at critical times. In the case of childbirth or adoption, a paid leave benefit is granted to mothers and fathers regardless of tenure.

Medical Recovery Leave is provided to birthing mothers for a period of up to six (6) weeks of full pay. Leave for Medical Recovery must be taken in the first six weeks following delivery.

Leave for Bonding is provided to mothers and fathers for a period of up to six (6) weeks of full pay. Bonding can be taken at any time in the first 12 months following birth or adoption.

To add the new baby to insurance, we do ask that you email us at [email protected] within 2 days of the baby being born. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s gender
  • Child’s SSN is required within 6 months following birth
  • Please confirm if you would like to enroll your new child in medical insurance

Once confirmed we will automatically enroll your new baby in Medical (if applicable) and eligible employer-paid benefits such as Telemedicine and Group Term Life Insurance. Coverage in these benefits, will begin as of the DOB.

You would then have up to 30 days after the Date of Birth to make changes to your other benefit elections, including canceling your coverage, or adding your new baby to any other benefits.

Medical Leave

The health and wellbeing of our Associate’s is our top priority. We encourage anyone needing time off due to medically related reasons focus on you. Paid Time Off (PTO) can be used if the duration of the absence is expected to be short or sporadic. You may use PTO on an intermittent basis on full or half days you do not feel your job responsibilities can be met on a given day. You should inform your direct manager of the need for PTO to ensure any critical work is re-assigned and enter your time off into Oracle for proper payment and record keeping.

Leave of Absence and Disability Insurance

The Family Medical Leave Act “FMLA” and disability are available if your condition is severe and you need to be relieved of all working duties for longer periods of time. Additionally, many states maintain their own paid and unpaid leave and disability policies. FMLA allows eligible associates up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period because of a serious health condition, or to care for a covered family member suffering from a serious health condition 

Disability insurance is provided to all benefit-eligible associates and pays 80% of salary for a period of up to 13 weeks in the event you are unable to work due to a covered injury or illness. For applications of FMLA and/or disability, you will contact our Leave Manager below:

Guardian Life Insurance

(p) 1-888-262-5670
(w) https://signin.guardianlife.com/signin

Family and Medical Leave Cct of 1993

The federal Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) of 1993 requires covered employers to provide eligible Associates with unpaid leave. There are two types of FMLA Leave available: the basic 12-week leave entitlement (Basic FMLA Leave) and the military family leave (Military Family Leave) entitlements.

Eligibility for FMLA Leave

You are eligible for FMLA Leave if you:

• Have worked for Mariner for at least 12 months or 52 weeks in the last seven years (length need not be consecutive); and
• Have worked at least 1,250 hours for Mariner during the 12 calendar months immediately preceding the request for leave (hours are determined by the principles under the FLSA and do not include paid/unpaid leaves of absence); and
• Are employed at a worksite that has 50 or more Associates within a 75-mile radius.
• Eligibility will be determined at the date FMLA commences.

You should contact a member of Human Resources to request FMLA Leave or with any questions about FMLA or other state-specific Leave of Absence you may be entitled to.

Personal Leave of Absence

In special circumstances, we may grant an unpaid leave of absence to individuals not eligible under the provisions of FMLA for personal medical reasons or on a non-medical discretionary basis. You must exhaust all accrued and unaccrued PTO or other applicable paid time-off benefits before taking an unpaid Personal Leave of Absence. All leaves will run concurrently. Due to the extensive nature of many state-mandated leave benefits, listed or not within this Handbook, you are encouraged to seek the counsel of a member of Human Resources when extenuating circumstances exist in your personal life that may warrant the need for additional time away from work. Mariner is dedicated to providing all benefits available to Associates experiencing qualifying events.

Reasonable Accommodation Medical Leave

Mariner complies with the reasonable accommodation obligations under the ADAAA and will engage in the interactive process to discuss an unpaid leave of absence as a reasonable accommodation with Associates who are unable to perform the essential functions of their job due to a physical or mental disability. Leave under this policy is at the discretion of Mariner and will be considered in accordance with the reasonable accommodation obligations of the ADAAA. Leaves of absence under this policy will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the ADAAA. The duration of any leave of absence under this policy will vary depending on the particular circumstances of each Associate’s need and whether additional leave is reasonable under the circumstances and/or would create an undue hardship for Mariner.

Before commencing a reasonable accommodation medical leave of absence taken because of a medical condition, an Associate must submit paperwork completed by a health care provider to Human Resources. An Associate may be required to submit additional paperwork to support a continuing personal leave for medical reasons every 30 days. An Associate returning from a medical leave taken because of the Associate’s own disability must submit a release from a health care provider stating that they are fit to return to work and can perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Discretionary Personal Leave

Mariner will consider providing a discretionary personal leave of absence to Associates that need leave for a non-medical personal or family reason for up to 30 days. This policy is not available to Associates who need a leave of absence for their own medical reason or for taking employment elsewhere or for the purpose of self-employment. Associates are not entitled to a leave of absence under this policy, but rather any personal leave is at the discretion of Mariner.

Associates on an unpaid personal leave of absence under this policy have no guaranteed rights to job protection or reemployment. Mariner will make every effort to return an Associate to their same job or an equivalent job position. With the approval of Human Resources, under extenuating circumstances, an unpaid personal leave of absence may be extended for a duration greater than 30 days. However, such exceptions will be rare and based on the particular circumstances and need of the particular Associate. Any Associate who does not return to work upon completion of a personal leave of absence will be terminated and considered to have voluntarily quit employment.

Request for personal leave of absence will be evaluated based upon the extenuating circumstances of the need for leave, as well as your performance, prior attendance, and the effect the leave would have on the business/workload if the request is approved. Personal leaves are approved at the sole discretion of the Company.