The purpose of the Mariner Associate Assistance Fund (MAAF) is to provide support and financial assistance to associates who have experienced a financial hardship. In these instances, this fund will provide grants at a minimum of $100 and up to a maximum of $2,500 annually for qualified associates experiencing a qualified event.

Mariner partners with Helping Hands, a qualified 501c3 that works with Companies to offer programs that provide employees with support, encouragement, and skills needed to constructively address destructive issues. Helping Hands provides fund administration to ensure all funds are distributed equitably and efficiently. Helping Hands staff will manage the day-to-day administration and decisions on grant awards. Mariner will not be involved in evaluation of fund requests or decisions on grant awards. All applications are kept in strict confidence and are considered based on need and eligibility.

For further information on the Mariner Associate Assistance Fund please see the policy link here.


  • Active Mariner associates are eligible, including associates on an approved leave, short-term disability and paid time off.
  • Associates may apply for assistance for themselves, a spouse, or a qualified dependent. Family members of a qualified Mariner associate may apply on behalf of the associate if the individual is unable to do so for him/herself.
  • Eligible applicants may receive up to a maximum of $2,500 of financial assistance in one calendar year for qualified events. Grants provided under this program are tax exempt.
  • Owners, contractors, temporary/seasonal associates, interns, retirees or those on long-term disability are ineligible.



The Mariner Associate Assistance Fund is intended to support associates who experience financial hardship as the result of an unexpected emergency, financial hardship or qualified disaster through tax-favored grants.

  • Emergency Hardship – medical emergency, accident illness, death of associate or death of a family member, military deployment, violent or non-violent crime, domestic abuse, or other sudden, unexpected event that is beyond the associate’s control
  • Qualified Disaster – natural disasters, such as hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, house fire; or a disaster caused by a terrorist or military action or otherwise deemed a qualified disaster by the federal government.


Application process


All applicant information is confidential, and no repayment of funds is required. Grants are paid directly to the source of financial need, not to the applicant, in as little as 72 hours.

Process of Applying:

  • Complete the Mariner Associate Assistance Fund Grant Request.
  • Submit request to MAAF Committee by emailing: [email protected]
  • MAAF Committee will submit grant request directly to Helping Hands Ministries who will validate the application and request any additional material needed.
  • Helping Hands Ministries approves and facilitates payment for all grants. If a grant is denied, the applicant will be notified.
Cassie Bicknell

Cassie Bicknell

Manager, Community Impact

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