Cigna Accident and Critical Illness


Supplemental Insurance

Accident and Critical Illness insurance benefits pay cash directly to you rather than a medical service provider or retailer. They can be used to offset your out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and copays, but can also be used to supplement lost income if you are out of work due to a qualifying illness or injury. These benefits are portable.

Who is Eligible and When

Active associates working a minimum of 30 hours per week are all eligible for coverage. The coverage is effective the first of the month following date of hire.

Accident Insurance

This insurance provides benefits in the event of covered injuries or accidents that occur off the job and require treatment such as ER visits, x-rays, ambulance transportation, physician and physical therapist treatments. This benefit is always issued on a guarantee basis, never any medical questions to answer. Associates participating in the HSA Medical plan are provided free enrollment to the Accident Insurance program with the option to buy-up family coverage.

Critical Illness

This coverage offers financial assistance in the event of a serious illness, such as heart attack or stroke as well as many forms of cancer. Benefits are paid out on a lump sum basis dependent on plan level elected.