401(k) w/ Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab


To help prepare Associates for retirement, participants can make contributions up to 100% of taxable income to a 401(k) Plan.  For additional 401(k) information, please refer to a member of Human Resources or Plan documents.

Who is Eligible and When

All Associates, excluding interns and temporary associates, are eligible for enrollment in the 401(k) Plan beginning on Day One of their employment.

Your Contributions

The Plan offers several different contribution options available as a percentage of your salary.  The following deferral options are available to our Associates in calendar year 2019:

  • All participants age 21 or older can defer up to a combined total of $19,000 in Traditional (pre-tax) and Roth (post-tax) contributions
  • Participants over age 50 are eligible to defer a “Catch-up” contribution totaling an additional $6,000 in either traditional (pre-tax) or Roth (post-tax) contributions
  • All participants age 21 or older can defer up to an additional 10% of compensation in After-tax contributions.  After-tax contributions cannot exceed IRS limit of $56,000 after reducing for all other contribution sources.

You may contribute, or ‘rollover’, your personal IRA or a distribution that you have received from another qualified plan. These assets can be transferred at anytime.

Investing Your Dollars

Participants may choose from a number of pre-selected funds within the “core” line-up including, a variety of asset classes and one-click, Target Date or Portfolio Models allocated by risk-tolerance and time horizons specific to participant needs.

Participants may also choose to open up to two Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Accounts (PCRA), providing access to a larger platform of investing options.  Administrative fees for all PCRAs are subsidized, however certain fund transactions may be subject to trading fees.

Discretionary Match

Mariner Wealth Advisors may make Discretionary Matching contributions.  Matching contributions will be calculated based on all eligible compensation and the value of participant deferrals in Traditional, Roth and Catch-up plans.  After-tax deferrals are not eligible for employer matching.

Roth In-plan Transfer

You have the opportunity to convert some or all of your Traditional and After-tax account balance into 401(k) Roth dollars.  Any tax liability created as the result of conversion is due in the year of conversion.  Any money converted will share the same tax benefits as the Roth 401(k) contributions as long as distributions from the Roth conversion occur no less than 5 years following the year of the conversion and you are at least age 59 and 1/2 or have become disabled.


Your contributions are always 100% vested. Any employer matching or profit sharing contributions will be subject to the following vesting schedule:

Years of Service*

Vested Percentage

Less than 1 Year


After 1 Year


After 2 Years


After 3 Years


*Years of Service are defined as any Plan Year in which you are credited with at least 1,000 hours of service

Loans and Withdrawals

Loans and Withdrawals are allowed under specific circumstances. You may borrow up to 50% of your vested account balance or $50,000, whichever is less, with a minimum loan amount of $1,000. Refer to 401k Plan documents for more information on both.